Our Story

Friends, family, and fellow gym addicts,

I created NOCORI in the hopes of solving a problem that many of us, or at least myself, have encountered in today's world.  Whether you consider yourself a fitness guru, a meeting maven, or a warrior parent - we rush from meetings to errands followed by dinner(s) and/or gathering(s) with friends while trying to squeeze in a workout somewhere in-between. We seem to find ourselves faced with the constant struggle of having to choose convenience over style, inevitably weighed down by the amount of "stuff" we carry to accomodate this fast-paced lifestyle.  NOCORI seeks to solve this problem. Each bag we create is thoughtfully designed to bring convenience to your lifestyle.  

Lined with a water-resistant nylon, it features a dry-wicking, machine-washable mesh compartment that allows you to conveniently carry sweaty attire, soaked swimwear, or even stained baby bibs.  With easy to use button snap-tabs, you can remove the entire mesh compartment containing your sweaty attire, etc. and toss into the wash.              

Now, instead of carrying multiple bags (your shoulders thank you for this) or using the free single-use plastic bags at studios (Mother Earth thanks you for this), you can carry your necessities in a minimalist manner.  

We are excited to share our story with you and hope you enjoy our products as much as we do! May it accompany you on your next adventure, near or far! 
Phoebe Chen