Winter Workout Blues are a Good Thing

Winter Workout Blues are a Good Thing

Oh Spring, where are thou?  For New Yorkers, we are now in the thick of Winter where we've started to believe in Spring but reality comes crashing down in the form of a mid-March snowstorm. Apparently, the groundhog does get the last laugh this year.  

With this "surprise" Winter come back, we're most likely going to slowly pick up our old habits and phase out our new found workouts.  The team at NOCORI is here to remind you that these "winter workout blues," as we call it, might just be a good thing.  

Don't get us wrong.  We're not saying you should hibernate the rest of the season and re-emerge come June having watched literally every show on Netflix with your only contact to the outside world being your delivery man.  What we are saying is to listen to your body and be a little more forgiving of yourself as we forge into faux-Spring.  

In yoga there is a term called Sthira Sukha meaning of equal parts effort and ease.  We invite you to keep this in mind as you move through 2017 mindfully.  If you feel like you're in a slump with your winter work out, mix it up.  Try a new studio!  Or maybe, here's a crazy thought, take a break and practice restoration.  It's possible that what you're confusing as the "winter workout blues" is simply your body telling you to slow it down and take it easy.  If you oversleep your 6am run at Mile High Run Club (like we did this morning), it's ok!  (Thanks MHRC for the credit back, btw!). Try to find time later in the day to pop-in or maybe check out a new studio down the street you haven't had time to try.

And hey - with our new KEIKO clutch in colors like SacreBleu, you can now carry your "winter workout blues" with you knowing that this is, in fact, a good thing!  We hear it even pairs quite nicely with warm grey tones.  Wear your new blues proudly on your way out the door tomorrow as you fearlessly conquer both the world and your fitness routine.

PS - New Yorkers, don't fret.  The KEIKO clutch also comes in black to compliment your black on black uniform because who needs colors?